White Palm Tree Nail Wraps Nail Sticker - 1 pc (QJ-134)

$ 3.99

Adhesive Nail Wraps Sticker (no water need).

Product Details:
Style: QJ-134
Sticker Size: 3 5/8" * 2 1/4"
Package Size: 5 7/8" * 2 7/8"
Quantity: 1 sheet

How to use:
1. Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back and use the alcohol to remove all dust/oil from your nail.
2. Select an appropriate size nail wraps fit to your nails.
3. Peel off the nail wraps and apply it on the nails.
4. Smooth the nail wraps on the nails. Make sure the nail wraps firmly applied on the nails.
5. Trim the excess nail wraps with a scissors.
6. Apply top coat will keep the color lasting longer.