Symbol Water Slide Nail Art Decals - 1 pc (DS-306)

$ 2.50

Nail Art Water Slide Decal Sticker DS-306

Product Details:
Style: DS-306
Sticker Size: 5" * 2 1/8"
Package Size: 6 3/4" * 2 5/8"
Quantity: 1 pc

How to use:

1. Apply a base coat on the nails and wait for it to dry. Choose a polish color as your base color and wait for the color to dry.
2. Remove the clear film on the top of the decals, cut to the design you like and put into water for 10 to 20 seconds (use warm water in winter).
3. Before taking the decals out of the water make sure the white paper background already separate with the decals.
4. Take the decal out of water and use paper towel to remove the excess water on it.
5-6. Apply the decals onto the place where you want it to be.
7. Trim the extra decals if needed.
8. Make sure there is no water in between decals and nail tips. If there is use tool to gently press the decals to make the water come out and use paper towel to remove the excess. 
9. Decorate with glitter, studs, rhinestones or charms.  
10. Apply clear top coat and finish~!