KiiRa Transfer Sticky Gel

$ 15.00

-Excellent adhesion for transfer foils or nail art film.
-Simple application in one layer.
-Can be use on gel or acrylic nails.
-Perfect for detailed designs or full cover transfer.

Product Details: 
Cure time: LED light 60 sec / UV Light (36W) 60 sec
Color : Clear
Size : 15ml / 0.5oz
Quantity : 1 

How to Use:
1. Choose a gel color as your base color and cure.
2. Apply the KiiRa Transfer Sticky Gel and cure (for best result clean the color tacky layer before apply).
3. After cured use nail wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove the tacky layer.
4. Take a piece of foil press foil shiny side up onto the nail bed and rub over using your finger or you can use a rubber stick or Q tips.
5. Gently peel off the foil from the nail. If there is some spots missing just reapply the adhesive to the missing spots.
6. Seal the design with gel top coat and cure.