KiiRa Stiletto Long Extension Nail Tips - 500 pcs

$ 30.00

Product Details:
Style: Stiletto / Long / Full Cover
Size: #0 - #9
Color: Clear
Quantity: 500 pcs (each size 50 pcs) 

KiiRa Extension Nail Tips & KiiRa Ultimate Extend Base Gel create easy and quick nail extensions.

How to use: 
1. Push back cuticle, remove any loose cuticle and clean the nail surface.
2. Use nail wipe with rubbing alcohol to remove dust and oil on the nails. 
3. Find the extension nail tips size fit to your nails. Use the nail drill to file underneath the extension nail tips to make the surface rough for attach the nail. File only the area about your own nails length. 
4. Apply a layer of KiiRa Ultimate Extend Base Gel on your nail as base coat and cure under LED lamp for 60 sec. 
5. Apply another layer of KiiRa Ultimate Extend Base Gel on extension nail tips (on the file area) then slowly press down the extension nail tips from nail top to the end. 
6. Hold still the extension nail tips and flash cure under LED lamp for 10 sec. After finish one hand's nail extension and cure all nails under LED lamp for 60 sec.
7. After cured use the nail drill to file around the nail cuticle, make the extension nail more naturally smooth attach to the nails.
8. Buffer the extension nail tips surface and clean the excess dust. Now you can start to apply colors and design the nails.