KiiRa Sculpting Clay Gel - Royal Blue

$ 12.00

-Easy to use for creating 3D nail art or texture pattern.
-Enough time to sculpt the design until cured.
-Can be mix with other sculpting clay gels to create new colors.
-Strong adhesive to surface.

Product Details: 
Cure time: LED light 60 sec / UV Light (36W) 120 sec
Color: Royal Blue
Size: 5g / 0.17oz
Quantity: 1 
Type: Solid Color

How to Use:
1.Take the amount as needed and kneading the Sculpting Clay Gel well then apply on the nail surface.
2. Use the silicone tool or a brush with a little water to sculpt the gel into desired shape.
3. After finish the design cure under LED light 60 sec / UV Light 120 sec.