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KiiRa 4D Clear Gel

$ 15.00

-Jelly texture for create 4D effects and patterns.
-Stir gel to adjust the ideal softness to work with.
-Can be mix with other color gel, glitter or pigments
-Easy to remove with soak-off gel remover. 
-No need to wipe clean after cured.

Product Details: 
Cure time: LED light 60 sec / UV Light (36W) 60 sec
Color : Clear
Size : 4g / 0.14oz
Quantity : 1 

How to Use:
1. Scoop up the amount you need for use.
2. The 4D Clear Gel can be use in hard gel texture or soft gel texture.
  • For¬†jelly gel texture you can start to make the design directly.
  • For¬†soft¬†gel texture gel then¬†take a little bit amount of¬†4D Clear Gel on mixing plate.¬†Gently stir the gel and the gel will become soft.

3. After the designs cure under the LED/UV lamp. No need to wipe clean.

 *After stir the gel into soft gel texture, place in room temperature for a while then the texture will turn back to jelly gel texture.

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