Holographic Transfer Foil Sheet Nail Art Decoration - 1 pc

$ 2.75

New Holographic Transfer Foil Nail Art Decoration.  
Bright sparkly holographic effect 
Suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish or UV/LED builder gel.
Can be used for scrapbooking, decoration or other handcraft works.
Perfect for both professional and personal use.

Product Details:
Measures: 10cm * 30cm
Quantity : 1 pc 
Color : Holographic gold or Holographic silver
How to use the foil :
1. Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back and use the alcohol to remove all dust/oil from your nail.
2. Measure the foil that you need and cut the foil into little pieces, so it will be more convenience for you transfer later. (if you want to cover your entire nail and the foil has to be cut bigger then your nail plate size) 
3. Apply a base coat onto your nails and wait for it dry. Choose a polish color as your base color and wait for the color dry. (some of foil are transparent, so you can pick the color that match to the foil).
4. Apply a thin layer of nail foil adhesive to the nail. Wait for it COMPLETELY dry and it will be tacky, so don't touch while waiting for it dry(the foil adhesive will turn from milky color into clear). 
5. Take a piece of foil press foil shiny side up, onto the nail bed and rub over using your finger, or you can use a rubber stick or Q tips.
6. Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuck to your nail. If there is some spots missing , just reapply the adhesive to the missing spots and repeat the step 3-5.
7. Once completely dry, apply a coat of sealer/top coat to protect the foil. If the adhesive is not completely dry before applying the top coat, the foil will rub off.
**Please understand that the color of the image may vary from actual product because of screen display settings.**