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Chameleon Chrome Flake Dust

$ 7.50

Chameleon Chrome Flake Dust creates luminous colors that appear to change when seen from different angles. Easiest way to create mermaid, metallic or galaxy effects.
Suitable for nail art decoration with clear or colored soft or hard gels, polish, lacquer, and even acrylics.


Product Details:
Style : Chameleon Chrome Flake Dust
Size: Flake 
Qty : 0.2 gram of Chameleon Chrome Flake Dust in clear 3 gram jar. 
Color : 7 color of choice
Dimension of individual clear jar: 2.8cm X 1.4cm(Height)


 How to use:
1. Choose a gel color as your base color and cure it under the LED/UV lamp.
2. Apply a clear gel layer. Use the fan brush dip in flake dust and apply on the nail.
Cure under the LED/UV lamp.
3. Seal with a clear gel and cure under the LED/UV lamp.
4. Apply clear gel top coat and cure under the LED/UV lamp.p.


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