Acrylic Gel Fast Extension Nail Art Tips Mold

$ 4.99 $ 7.99

-Fast way to do extension nails.
-Can be use for both acrylic or gel system.
-Perfect for use to create 3D sculpture nail art.
Product Details:
Style: Extension Nail Tips Mold
Size: 10 sizes 
Color: Clear
Quantity: 100 pcs (10 tips each size)
Material: Acrylic
How to use:
1. Use alcohol to wipe clean the nail surface.
2. Apply the gel base coat on the nail and cure under the LED/UV lamp.
3. Select the extension nail tips mold size fits to the nails.
4 Use brush to apply the extension gel under the extension nail tip mold. 
Make sure the gel can be fully cover your natural nails and adjust the length to your wish length.
5. Gently press down the extension nail tips mold onto your nail and make sure the tips not lifting or doesn't have any bubble in between.Cure under the LED/UV lamp.
6. After cured gently remove the extension nail tips mold from the nails.
7. File nails to your wish shape.
8. Apply the top coat and cure under the LED/UV lamp.
*All gel/acrylic system operating method is different. Please follow the brand of gel/acrylic instructions that you use.