Color Nail Art Acrylic Paint Pen

$ 3.99

-0.7mm point tip easy to control, writing smoothly with excellent coverage.
-Ideal for drawing dots, abstract lines, stripes, painting flowers and various pattern design on the nails.
-Can be applied on gel nail polish, natural nails, acrylic nails and false nails.
-If misdraw, just wipe clean with alcohol and recreate the design.
Product Details:
Pen Measures: 13cm *1cm
Color: Choice of 15 colors
Quantity: 1 pc
How to use:
1.Shake up and down to make the ink evenly mixed before use.
2.Gently press the tip a few times until the ink flows to the tip and you can start to create the design.
3.After finished drawing seal the design with clear top coat.
*Close the cap immediately after use to prevent the pen from drying out, and store it in a horizontal position.