Aurora Moonlight Chrome Powder

$ 7.50


Product Details:
Style : Aurora Moonlight
Size: Fine Powder
Qty : 0.5 gram of Chameleon Chrome Dust in clear 3 gram jar. 
Color: Choice of 8 colors
Dimension of individual clear jar: 3cm X 1.4cm(Height)

How to use:
1. Choose a gel color as your base color and cure it under the LED/UV lamp.
2. After cured apply a layer of non wipe top coat and cure under the LED/UV lamp.
3. Use the sponge applicator apply the Aurora Moonlight Chrome Powder.
Gently press down the Aurora Moonlight Chrome Powder and brush on your nail and apply evenly.
4. Clean the excess dust on the nails.
5. Apply another clear gel top coat and cure under the LED/UV lamp.